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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 10, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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were down at the harbor? probably one of the times one of those cousins you didn't like came to town. it could be a place where tourists and locals will want to come back to again and again. sha rim puffs, shrimp cocktails. ship is the food of the -- shrimp is the food of the sea. it's the tourist engine of the sea or at least the patapsco river. they take over the slots vacated by phillip's seafood and the ripley's is taking over from other stores. there's a new store full of sugar and more restaurants. the old harbor is getting bigger businesses for a bigger attraction. >> it's important to evolve. we have to find new ways.
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they have to find new ways to attract visitors, also, our residents to make a year round destination. those are the types of things that will continue to help us to grow and attract people. >> gone are the little stores and shops that were the inner harbor staples. tourists like names they recognize. for some it doesn't take away the charm. dame and susan won a -- dale and susan won a trip. >> we were supposed to leave tomorrow but i called in sick to work. we're staying at least one extra day. >> reporter: just because you liked it so much. >> there's shop to do. >> reporter: it's about bringing people in, not only the tourists but bringing in businesses that are creating new jobs. the new ripley's about the same.
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it's the availability of workers that's attracting them. >> we've had some experiences, working in the larger communities. we think this is an ideal location for us. >> reporter: the new ripley's is slated to open up june 1st. the city hopes to have it come ploated sometime in the -- completed sometime in the next few weeks. >> are we going to see fast cars in city officials are hoping the third time's the charm to run the grand prix race. they will be the third to take charge. back in february the city approved a contract with another company but city officials decided to move on. a new state park is in the works on kent island. state officials bought 75 acres of waterfront and.
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now they're looking at ideas to plan the park. people who live in the area got to give their two cents. so far ideas include trails, even building a center for waterman. sheriffs have made an arrest in the shooting in edge wood. jamar jefferson is charged with second-degree murder. it happened on tuesday night. two people were shot. a third person was taken to the hospital by family members. all three were in stable condition and the shooting is still under investigation but the sheriff's office says they believe this was over some kind of an argument. horrible few days on the roads. this one is in glen burnie war a man was killed when -- where a man was killed when his car hit the road -- left the road and hit a tree. you've probably heard of cash crops. take a look at this.
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you're looking at half a million dollars worth of marijuana. police seized this from a basement in laurel. it with have proud 170-pound -- produced 170 pounds of pot. >> our detectives were led to the house because they received information about suspicious activity. they began an undercover operation that included surveillance and gathered probable cause to execute a search and seizure warrant. manoj unni is charged with possessing, manufacturing and distributing marijuana. anne arundel police arrested two women for prostitution. detectives found an ad posted on a social media bulletin board. what they found was a front for a prostitution business being run out of a linthicum room.
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queen-shykylia marie samuel and fiona danae simms were charged with prostitution. driving in and around the baltimore area is tough. plenty of speed cam as, traffic. joce sterman has a surprising look at who's getting caught. >> reporter: they show up like a surprise in the mail, a $40 to $75 slap to your wallet. mta drivers have also racked up quite a few. we looked at thousands of tickets they have accumulated and we've found some shocking behavior. >> think you're under the impression that these people are
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professionals. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, t behavior we found caught on tape and who has to pay the fine when they're caught breaking the law. >> all right. let's take a walk, a walk for one of our friends. lamont williams went to a school in glen burnie. >> reporter: at glen daily elementary school. julie brought her second grade class out for a walk. not a normal walk for recess but one to support a staw.d the student is battling a rare form of cancer. >> the mom explained she had cancer and was struggling. she took a turn for the worse. we were preparing a wellness walk. we decided to tie it together to raise money. >> reporter: stood a good day
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for samira. this year there have been a lot of not so good days. >> her arms and shoulders will hurt because the cancer has spread. she will have aches and pains and get headaches. >> reporter: her classmates made buttons, necklaces and started raising money. they all wore her favorite color. >> everyone is wearing my favorite color. i wouldn't know this many people would wear red. >> reporter: even her favorite dog holly was wearing red. she was diagnosed at the age of two but today she is still battling. >> i think she is very strong. all the women in my family are
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strong. my grandmother got over cancer. my mother has breast cancer. they're still here. >> i want to support her because she's my friend. >> we love samira. >> i'm thankful for everything that i have at this school -- my friends and i'm wearing red and i'm saying i heart the marathon. >> reporter: her friends raised over $3,000 today showing they heart samira too. in glen burnie, i'm lamont williams. >> samira we're going to do this for you. to donate contact glendale elementary school. how about that. all right. did you tee it up today, twist
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your knee. did you feel a tweng -- twinge? did you know that 40-year-olds are going to the doctor to get knee replacements. it's a happy day at the charles veg pub. we'll thack you there -- take you there next. 68 at the airport. we guaranteed you 70. we have a two-degree winner. that will be todd evans from cockeysville. this storm system is pulling out.
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let's get to your health alert. we've all heard about elderly people needing knees but a greeing trend is showing people in their 40s with new knees. linda so explains. >> reporter: karen is all about being active but not so long ago she was anything but. >> i was on pain killers and could barely walk around the block. >> reporter: her doctor tried several things including physical therapy and cortisone shots. ultimately he told her she needed a new knee. >> i was 46 at the time. >> reporter: the number of knee surgeries doubled in the last decade and more women than men are ending up in the operating room. it's the fact that the people getting them are younger and younger, decades younger is so
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surprising to many. >> historically knee replacements were meant for the older populations. what we've seen with this rise in baby boomers is that a lot of people worked hard and played hard. now they have to play hard. >> reporter: boomers are more physically active, today's need it now mentality. >> we're moving toward custom implants. we're reusing technology such as mri's and ct scans. >> i'm back it walking my five to six miles. i can ride my back -- bike. >> avoiding certain pounding exercises can help. if you want the latest health news, you can get it by liking linda so's facebook fan page.
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we always know things like heart disease and diabetes are common risks associated with diabetes but rheumatoid arthritis is too. researchers from the mayo clinic looked at adults with rheumatoid arthritis and those without it. 68% were women. they believe the connection is likely due to inflammation caused by weight gain that affects the joints. despite warnings, moms to be are still smoke. nearly 2% of white women -- 22% of white women, 14% of african-american women smoked.
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>> all right. what a deference a day can maifnlgt the sunshine back in force today. struggling with how bright it s65 at bwi. the winds are west. show you some of the gorgeous pictures. much busier place. as we take a look across the mighty inner harbor, a lot of people out and b dundalk reflect a few fair weather clouds, no rain. our great view toward curtis bay. how about a look at chesapeake bee. we have the maryland warrior dash, the same weekend as the preakness. so, again, looking good statewide all the way down south. maryland's most popular radar looking good. that should hold up through our moth mosmght things should change sunday into monday.
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temperatures now mid-60s. 40s west. could get down to freezing out there. freeze concerns for far western maryland. look at the gusts nearly 30 in d.c. 20 at annapolis. as we look at the everall pattern it is quiet. a couple of stray showers. these showers are elevated. radar scanning several thousand feet up. what we call verga, so no rain on the ground. you can see the last bit of that storm way up north actually over the canadian marry times. we're look good with high pressure. dome of sinking air. we probably won't get cloud cover, bright blue skies with a
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high uv index. don't forget the sunglasses. we'll be very brie. the trend shows not much, just a few passing clouds. then we're dry and clear, crystal clear, bright sunny conditions. if you're traveling for mother's day it locks great. bright sunshine again. maybe a fine crechessed clouds on sunday. i still think you'll have no problem with the brunch. clear and cooler. still breezy overnight. a breezy day tomorrow. we'll say 73. that will be about a five-degree warmup and more sunshine. tomorrow neat down to -- night down to 47. i have to say that we pumped up temperatures for sunday. we're going 80. could get to 82.
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so enjoy the sunshine. >> weather good guy. put moisturizer and lip balm away. >> we're getting there. this is scary. weave got more than 20,000 inflatable slides being recalled after one death and two serious joirls -- injuries. a 29-year-old colorado mother died after breaking her neck going down one of these bon zi slides. she hit her head in the con cree. another man is a quadriplegic. another woman broke her neck. they were sold at walmart and toys are -- toys 'r us.
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if you're headed to the parent for a southwest flight, you may want to leave yourself extra time. southwest's online check-in system went down. passengers will have to check in at the southwest counter for now which is causing longer lines. a spokesperson for bwi said it hasn't caused flight delays. congratulations, you live in one of the three best states for climbing the economic ladder. the pew charitable trust released a study top find out which ones are home to people with the best chance of improving their economic standard. maryland, along with other stayeds -- states in the mid-atlantic fared the best. inside has changed but the people vfnlt the charles village pub is back.
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the owners faced a tough decision in january 2011 after a fire and they decided to rebuild. >> such a great job of blending the old with the new. it's new and exciting with tvs and new open patio areas for everybody to enjoy the place in all types of weather. >> two bars and a rooftop dance, outstanding job. let's take a look at the night that the cv. is enjoying. ♪ ♪ ♪
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how you want.
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kelly joins us now. >> all new at 11, a lot of us want to go green so we reuse those plastic grocery bags. they can carry a serious virus. plus, do you use a daily scrub on your face? it could be doing more harm than good. we'll talk to dermatologist about other options for getting smoother skin. those stories a whole lot more.
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>> talking about moisturizers. >> we like to moisturize a lot. >> i can understand that. >> it will be dry tonight. so moisturize, scrub, the whole nine. kelly will show us later. take a look at the evening fra. nice and dry, man. nice and dry and breezy and 60s. we wear makeup on tv. mother's day looking good. i just want to make a little plug here over 500 tweets at abc2 weather. >> you need to give me something to tweet about. >> we keep you posted 24/7. >> motherly like tweets. >> tweet a picture of your brunch. >> that's a good idea. >> diane sawyer is next. >> have a good night.
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